About ACI

Our vision. Our dream. Destiny.

It all started in 2008. You, see this guy from Georgia had a really big idea to establish a way to help small businesses regardless of their size to be successful in a world dominated by the corporate big boys.

He took on a partner…and they did just that!

Axiom-Cyctronics is a biblical-based marketing company located in Chattanooga, Tennessee that began as an idea, that morphed into a concept that ultimately has turned into a way of life. By way of our patent-pending foundation and our proprietary methods and applications, we can dynamically enrich and empower your business.

At Axiom-Cyctronics, our vision is your vision, and our dream is your dream. In fact, we believe that anyone with a vision or a dream that can positively impact the world needs to be seen, heard and certainly successful. To make this possible we invest our time and resources into providing three core services to our clients to help make their business more proficient and more productive which ultimately makes them become more profitable.

By joining forces with Axiom-Cyctronics, you in essence become part of a community of talented, vision-minded people that together have built a whole new world of opportunity for everyone.

Why Work With Us

We solve problems.

At Axiom-Cyctronics, we focus on solving the three biggest problems that face every business: a lack of direction, a lack of revenue and a lack of presence. You, see, we have this really strange idea that the dynamics of business are about to change in a big and powerful way. Unfortunately, many are not prepared to deal with it.

This is where we come in.

Whether you are a traditional or online business you will need help navigating this “new world” that we have all been thrust into.
We have you covered.
No sales. No revenue. No profit. Do you need seasoned sales professionals to work on a performance-driven commission model?
Simply make the introduction.
Are you looking to create a dynamic profit-generating ecosystem? Then let us show you just what we can do. We do the work.
Just point the way.

Experts? Nah.

But we are pretty darn good at what we do.


What now? A new normal. A new world. Make no mistake, regardless of what you call it, society is facing a whole new existence. The world we knew...no


Do you need more sales? Every company in the world relies on sales to generate revenue and make a profit. There is no other way around it. Yet,


A new community? Research has shown us that even before the Coronavirus Pandemic that people were already transitioning from the workplace to the home place. While a lot

Work We’ve Done

Just a few of ’em.
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“Axiom-Cyctronics opened a whole new world of opportunity for me and my family. When I first saw the work, I literally cried.”

Jodi Minter, Moonlight Bay Products

Rewrite your story.

We can help.

Why not let Axiom-Cyctronics help you rebuild that foundation that your business was built upon.

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